Tough as a Mallee Bull

MB027 Frame & Prescription

MB027 Frame & Prescription


You have the option to buy this frame with just the outer lens holder, so you can get your optometrist to create a lens for you, or purchase an official Mallee Bull Lens.
Single Vision
Select this option if you want to purchase customized prescription lenses for distance wear with your frame.Distance glasses are designed for Myopia or nearsightedness and are used by wearers who cannot see objects clearly from a distance. Distance glasses are generally used for driving, sports and other outdoor activities.
Select this option if you want to purchase customised prescription lenses allowing distance vision, reading, and everywhere in between. Progressive lenses are line-free multifocals that have a seamless progression of added magnifying power for intermediate and near vision. Progressive lenses are usually prescribed for people over the age of 40. This type of lens is popular for those seeking multiple corrections with the stylish look of single vision lenses.

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Mallee Bull MB027  is available in 4 frame colors.  The lens options can be either prescription or plano.

This model is suitable for all sports such as cycling, shooting, sailing, golf, running.

As well is suitable for industrial eye protection as it has a medium impact rating that meets the Australian safety standard AS/NZS 1337.6 and USA safety standard Z87.1-2010

The prescription lenses can be either single vision or progressive. We use the latest digital free form lens technology for high curve lenses. Our prescription  lenses are compensated to give you the best vision performance when looking through curved sports lenses.

All lens color options are available for this product, such as NXT Varia Grey, Clear or Tinted.

We use 1.53 index Trivex or 1.60 Polycarbonate Lens material.


Frame Colour

Black, Silver, White, Yellow



Outer Lens Holder

No Prescription Lens, Brown, Clear, Grey, Varia Grey

Lens Colour

Clear, No Prescription Lens, Solid Tint Grey, Solid Tint Brown, Polarised Grey, Polarised Brown, Varia Grey


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