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Since 1992, the Occhio Group has established themselves in the optometry business. The Melbourne-based business has now delved into the realm of designing sports eyewear and has been selling the Mallee Bull Eyewear brand since 2010.

The objective of the latest Mallee Bull Eyewear range is to offer uncompromising comfort for active people who also require prescription lenses. Designed by Opticians, Mallee Bull glasses offer high definition, free form optics that are readily available for athletes that require even the strong prescription range to -9.50 power lenses. The process is simple and can be done online or in the Occhio store in Melbourne. By uploading your script to the website, the design team can custom-make implants specifically for the curved lenses of any Mallee Bull Eyewear frame. This ensures there is no distortion caused by a curved lens.

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Overseas customers should check with their health provider.

Mallee Bull has a huge range of wrap-around frames that are secure whilst partaking in sporting activities such as cycling and running. Mallee Bull Eyewear also carry a medium impact rating according to the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 1337.1 and are also suitable for industrial eye protection.

This is because the lenses are manufactured out of Trivex nd NXT material that is less likely to fracture on impact. Some noteworthy corporate supporters include CSL Behring, Air Liquide, Veolia,and Burnett Institute.

Mallee Bull sports glasses suit a market that is actively seeking prescription eyewear specifically designed for industrial and sports activities

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Mallee Bull Eyewear


World Leader

Mallee Bull is a world leader in designing and developing optical superior eyewear for both your work and personal lifestyle pursuits. We want you to be confident that our entire team is giving you 100% performance & service.


Focused to our clients needs

We are focused on listening to our clients needs and then delivering to them custom designed prescription eyewear. We do this with the passion and knowledge we have gained from over 30 years in the optical industry.


Optically superior products

Mallee Bull is both flexible and focused on utilizing all available technology that will provide its end user a comfortable and optically superior product that we are proud to put the Mallee Bull name on.

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