MB002 C1 Shiny Black

MB002  C1 Shiny Black
Product Code: MB002 C1
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Price: AU$195

Mallee Bull MB002 C1 is only available in gloss black frame colour.  The lens options can be either prescription or plano.

This model is suitable for both sports such as cycling, shooting, sailing, golf, running.

This model is suitable for industrial eye protection as it has a medium impact rating that meets the Australian safety standard AS/NZS 1337.1

The prescripton lenses can be either single vision or progressive. We use the latest digital free form lens technology for high curve lenses. Our prescription  lenses are compensated to give you the best vision performance when looking through curved sports lenses.

All lens color options are availble for this product, such as NXT Varia Grey, Polarised , Clear or Tinted.

We use 1.53 index Trivex or 1.60 Trident lens material.

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